Welcome to Hebei Hengsheng Pumps Co.,Ltd ( former Botou Gear Pump General Plant), Base our deep professional pump technology to provide our top quality products for your fluid transfer solution.  
  We are the largest gear pumps manufacturer and leading manufacturers of screw pumps, triplex & Quintuplex reciprocating pumps, Lobe Pump, marine pumps manufacturer in China, Established in 1973,.
1. Hengsheng company has nearly 40 years of R & D manufacturing history, with its superior design capabilities, rich manufacturing experience and strict quality system, zero defect quality culture, guaranteed to provide exquisite products.
2. Using the design selected qualified material, according to the product quality standards, according to process design, application of advanced production equipment, manufacture, and welcome the customer site producer.
1 the company strictly in accordance with the contract arrangements for the production and delivery, to ensure that the contract agreed time delivery.
2 to provide special needs of product design, manufacturing, to meet the needs of customers personalized.
Our advantage Stable quality, full implementation of quality control, meticulous, comprehensive test!
Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reduce expenses, so that customers!
Fast delivery: advanced production line, adequate preparation, shorten the delivery period!
Quality anti fake Hebei Hengsheng pump Co., Ltd. (Botou Gear Pump General Plant) each a product all through the computer is only code, and through the computer code machine to product nameplate.
Customers who want to determine the authenticity of the product, call us for more information can be satisfied with the answer.
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